Recently, Google YouTube Partner Program has been declared new condition for your video Monetization. So I will show you how to buy YouTube, subscribe to your channel.

New requirements at lest 1000 subscribe and 4000 hours within 12 months. So it’s a very hard rule for new content creator.

I will help you to increase your YouTube subscribes. At first deposit your balance for start campaign.

Per subscribe rate = 0.10$

If you buy 500 subscribe then calculate (500 X 0.10)$ = 50$  no extra fee included. Just send 50$ on my skrill account and wait at least 72 hours for active your service.

Step #01: Sending money from your skrill account using details.

Login your Skrill account then goto SEND MONEY option choose SKRILL TO SKRILL.  Now type my skrill email, amount of USD and your channel URL.

[email protected]

N.B.  When sending money don’t forget  include your YouTube  URL into your personal message. Like as below image example :

Click Add name and message : Type your channel url.


N.B Must be collect your USD Transaction ID and screenshot for submitting.   

Step #02: Now submit your details such as Transaction ID,  Skrill Email, Skrill ID, Screenshot, Channel URL,  Completed date etc.

Thank you using services.

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