How To Create First Post On Your WordPress Blog

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WordPress is a strong content management system. Now I have to show how to create the first post on your WordPress blog. WordPress include many features like as media gallery, plugin management, widget management, commenting system, user management and more.

Install WordPress on your ubuntu 16.04 server

Change WordPress post permalink for local server

Step #01: Login your WordPress web site.


Step #02: Click Posts on the top left side. Open new dashboard, then click Add New button.

Step #03: Add image on your post.

Where upload image place mouse pointer then, Click Add Media button on the left side.

Click Upload File tab then, Click Select Files on your PC location. Edit some text like as

Title : logo [Name of image]

Caption : [Image topic]

Alt Text : logo [Name of Image]

Description : logo [Image details]

Finally click Insert into post.



Step #04: Add tag on your post.

Tag is related on your post like as “wordpress, cms, post” click Add button.

Step #05: Select Categories or create new categories, click Add New Category  type category name. If the needed Parent Category then selects it and click Add New Category.

Step #06: Add featured image like as thumbnail on your post.

Goto bottom after tag details, click Set features image upload new or select any image on your media gallery.

Step #07: Using Yoast SEO on your post.

Yoast SEO is the best SEO tools for WordPress. This tool fully free, but you can buy premium for using many keyword and extra features.

Click Edit snippet type  first paragraph into Meta description box. Copy slug box like as create-first-post-wordpress-blog and then past into Focus keyword box.

Example below image


Details :

Readability color green that’s good status and keyword color yellow that’s ok status.

Thank You using WordPress and Yoast SEO.

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