How To Check Mikrotik Router SNMP Service From Zabbix Server

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Mikrotik is a strong router for office and home service. Many features include on Mikrotik router like as Routing, Firewall, MPLS, VPN, Wireless, DHCP, DNS, Hotspot, Proxy and more. For details Mikrotik Router features. So I have to show how can we monitor Mikrotik Router from Zabbix Server.

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Step #01: At First download Winbox for connecting Mikrotik Router. You can’t configure IP address on Mikrotik Router then you connect via Mac address.

Goto your Citrix Xen Center and copy Mikrotik Router Mac address. Example below image:

Mikrotik Router default username admin and password not needed. But your Mikrotik Router already configured then login using password.


Step #02: Now enable snmp service goto IP / SNMP then, show popup windows click check box to enabled.

Type Contact Info and Location (Optional) click Apply and Ok. Example below:


Step #03: Now Configure Zabbix Server installs some packages  to monitor snmp service.

[email protected]:~# apt-get install php7.0-snmp php7.0-cli snmp snmp-mibs-downloader python-netsnmp libnet-snmp-perl libcurl3 curl libsnmp-dev fping

Now check Mikrotik Router snmp service command below.

[email protected]:~# snmpwalk -v 2c -c public this is Mikrotik Router IP address.

Step #04: Now goto Zabbix Server web login then add SNMP host like as Mikrotik Router.

Click Configuration / Hosts see top right corner Create host click it.

Input details Host Tab

Host Name : Mikrotik

Add SNMP Interface : Add Mikrotik IP address


Goto Templates Tab for Input Templates. Type below name and select it.  Click Add for Link template then, finally click Add button.

Template Net Mikrotik SNMPv2


Wait for at least few minutes get data from Mikrotik Router.

Step #05: Check Mikrotik Router details.

Goto Monitoring / Latest data then select Mikrotik host click Apply

See example below:



Enjoy Zabbix monitoring server. My another post How to Install Mikrotik Router (CHR) on XenServer Virtual Machine.

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