How To Install Mikrotik Router (CHR) On XenServer Virtual Machine

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In this guide how to install Mikrotik (CHR) Router on XenServer Virtual machine. So follow thus step by step guide for install Mikrotik Router. Mikrotik Router include many features like as Firewall, Routing, MPLS, VPN, Wireless, DHCP, Hotspot, QoS, Proxy and more.

Install Mikrotik Router requirements needed

Two linux machine needed.

Mikrotik Router machine IP : (Any Ubuntu machine or other linux OS)

Another machine IP : (Any Ubuntu machine for download Mikrotik CHR)

  • Router version : 6.34 or update
  • Virtualization support: 64bit CPU system
  • Minimum RAM : 128MB or higher
  • Minimum Disk space : 128MB or higher
  • Maximum disk space : 16GB

I will have to show how to install Mirotik Router using netcat command.

Step #01: Login linux machine one for download Mikrotik CHR

[email protected]_client:~#  wget

unzip downloaded file. If can’t installed zip package then, first install it.

[email protected]_client:~# apt-get install zip

Now unzip downloaded Mikrotik CHR command below.

[email protected]_client:~#  unzip

Step #02: Goto Mikrotik machine ( for open netcat port command below.

[email protected]:~#  nc -l -p 1234 | dd of=/dev/xvda

Step #03: Goto another machine where download Mikrotik CHR it then command below.

[email protected]_client:~#  dd if=chr-6.41.2.img | nc 1234

Wait for few minutes then reboot machine.

Mikrotik default login :

User Name : admin

Password : not needed

You can type password after first time login.

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