How To Install mysql Community on Windows 10

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Mysql server is an opensource database system. You can use very easy to install on windows any version. Goto download zip  and install quickly. Mysql workbench download msi  for connect your mysql server. Now I have to show how to install mysql community on windows 10.

Requirements for install mysql server on windows:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package

Step #01: Run downloaded msi file with admin privileges.

Choosing a Setup Type Server only 

then click Next button.

Now you can see  Requirements details.

if you can’t install microsoft dotnet and Microsoft Visual C++  click Execute button and get resolved when complete installed software.

Step#2: Now main installation process start. Click here Next two times now show mysql root user password. Another adding mysql user click Add User. Example below image:


Step #03: Now click Next for Apply Configuration click Execute. Finally click Finish button. 

Now Install mysql WorkBench 

Step #04: Download mysql wordkbench. Now run downloaded msi file.

When installation  completed then connect your local mysql server. Write any connection name then click test connection.  Enter mysql root password click OK

Connected to mysql to MYSQL at with user root.

Connection parameters are correct.

Step #05: Click OK and double click connection name. Example below:


Click Test Connection then show popup password window. Type your root password click ok.

Connected to MySQL at with user root
Connection parameters are correct.

Step #06: Then click database object connection name previously created.  My connection name new. Bubble click on your connection name. Now open your mysql query terminal.

Create database command on MySQL: 

create database product;

Then execute your db command.

Create table command on MySQL: 

create table item (c int);

Then execute your table command.

Enjoy your windows MuSQL service for testing purposes.

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