How To Install CentOS 6.5

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CentOS is a strong operating system using for Server and Desktop. Now I have to show how to install centos 6.5 on your virtual environment. At first you can Download CenOS ISO from the official web site. Then attach iso file into your server via the boot. If you can use Citrix XEN server then you can use windows share and connect share from XEN server.

Windows File Sharing SMB or CIFS

Now follow thus step by step install CentOs Server.

Step #01: Click Next button then select language

Now you can see two options:

What type of devices will your installation involve?

  • Basic Storage Devices
  • Specialized Storage Devices

Click Next button.

Step #02: Please name this computer. The hostname identifies the computer on a network.

Hostname: localhost.localdomain

Change to any name here

Hostname: cloud-technologyrss then click Next button. Then select your country location.

Example :  Asia/Dhaka

Step #03: Create root password.

The root account is used for administering the system. Enter a password for the root user.

Root Password : *********

Confirm : *********

Then click Next button. If you can use weak password then show popup window.

You have provided a weak password: it is based on a dictionary word.

Click Use Anyway button

Step #04: Which type of installation would you like?

Select Use All Space then click Next button. Now you can see popup window like as.

Writing storage configuration to disk

The partitioning options you have selected will now be written to disk. Any data on deleted or reformatted partitions will be lost.

Select Write changes to disk wait for few times for formatting your disk. After completed formatting then click Next button.

Step #05: Now select default installation server type.

The default installation of CentOS is a minimum install. You can optionally select a different set of software now.

Then select Basic Server now click Next button. See example below image:


Step #06: After installation completed massage below.

Congratulations, your CentOS installation is complete.
Please reboot to use the installed system. Note that updates may be available to ensure the pepper functioning of your system and installation of these updates is recommended after the reboot.

Finally click Reboot button and remove installation media. You can enjoy your CentOS server for various purposes.

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